Register to win "My Bloody Valentine" from the Haunted Hilltop!!!

My Bloody Valentine - Haunted Hilltop!!!

Valentines is the day to remember and embrace love, but let’s be honest, sometimes love can be scary….. The Haunted Hilltop is giving you something other than being alone to fear this Valentines! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, The Haunted Hilltop will be open on Sat Feb 17th from 6:30pm – 12:30am with a Valentines themed Haunted House and Haunted Hayride. Located off Hwy 58, enjoy the fear, the bonfires and more! To make it a real treat, they’ve given us a HUGE box of Russell Stover Chocolates, a vase of chocolate roses, and a Haunted Hilltop Hoodie to give away. All you have to do is register! We’ll see you there!